Halt On New NCAA Recruiting Rules?

In January, the Rules Working Group, consisting of college presidents, sent 26 proposals to the NCAA Board of Directors, including five that were aimed towards eliminating some rules college programs have to abide by on the recruiting trail.

According to the NCAA on Wednesday, concerns were quickly raised by the Division I Board of Directors over a few of those recruiting proposals and it sounds like the Rules Working Group will now consider keeping some of those rules the same.

Listed in a statement by the NCAA the apprehensions were over:

Proposal No. RWG-11-2, which eliminates the definition of recruiting coordination functions that must be performed only by a head or assistant coach. Meaning college coaches can’t hire an unlimited support staff to help with recruiting.

Proposal No. RWG-13-3, which eliminates restrictions governing modes and numerical limitations on recruiting communication. Meaning there will still be a limit on the amount of calls and texts a school can direct towards a prospect.

Proposal No. RWG-13-5-A, which eliminates restrictions on printed materials sent to prospective student-athletes. Meaning there will still be a limit on the amounts and types of literature sent to a recruit regarding your university.

The NCAA report said that the board will again discuss the proposals at its May 2 meeting. The NCAA also wrote, “the Rules Working Group could recommend that the Board suspend the proposals until changes can be made. That approach could address concerns because the suspension would provide time to allow additional membership discussion on the broader issues at play within each of the proposals.”

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