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Interesting link sent to me about our nation.

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    " economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough jobs or enough profits" JFK

  • What is so interesting about it? Past Presidents believing in God is a surprise?

    Notice that there are not references to Jesus by the past Presidents. I do not believe that even makes us a religious country. It means that past Presidents were religious. Notice, the First Amenedment, despite it authors being Christian, expressly protected other religions. Even if you want to make the argument that these statements demonstrate that we are a religious country, it does not contradict Obama's assertion that we are also a Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim nation. The man in the video realizes this problem. So, he goes for a big stretch. He looked at the path Obama walked and pointed out that it made a cross (I am not sure that is true, but for this post I am accepting it). To me, that is like looking at a blot on a wall and seeing an image of Jesus in it. It may look like Jesus, but that is just a coincidence. It does not make the wall holy.

    There is no doubt that our Presidents have all been Christian. There is no doubt that they have made references to God. There is no doubt that the majority of Americans are Christian. There is also no doubt that our founders also wanted us to welcome people of all religions and demanded that minority religions be protected. They demanded that protection with the First Amendment to the Constitution and we later added the 14th Amendment.

    It is an attitude like this video that causes Republicans to lose the vote of non-Christians. It amazes me that Republicans lose Muslims. Muslims are very conservative. However, Republicans have successfully alienated them and thereby hurt their chances in MI. Republicans have hurt themselves with the majority of Jews thereby hurting themselves in Florida. I am not even going to how Republicans hurt themselves with women, LGBTs and racial minorities hurting themselves all over.

    We are not a Christian nation. We have a majority of Christians, but our laws are independant of that religion. Of course, many Christian concepts make good laws and there is some overlap, but that does not make us a Christian country. We are not a straight nation. We are not a white nation (this is not directed at you, but some Republicans are good at alienating non-whites). Women's beliefs are also important (again, not directed at you).

    Republicans would do well to distance themselves from videos such as this. Good for those that are Christian. However, do not try to denegrate those that are not.

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