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Interesting Article from USC Undergrad on Immigration

  • I literally just dropped photographic evidence on your punk ass and I bet you STILL come up with a way to argue that I am bigoted. It couldn't POSSIBLY be because of the long term economics, right? The ONLY answer is that I am bigoted. It couldn't possibly be because your argument is irrational. Oh no. So, somehow, despite the overwhelming evidence I was able to drum up and post in less than 10 minutes I am completely confident that not only will you fail to admit that you're wrong - but you'll double down on your racist claims.

    After all, what else can you do? History, facts, and logic sure as hell don't support any mainline liberal positions.

    BOOM!. Roasted.

    Cry Havoc; and let slip the dogs of war!

  • Again, facts do not get in the way of your argument. In response to the article about this girl (nothing about unskilled labor; she is a USC student) you wrote: "{Bleeding heart liberalism at its best (worst) ..." Please point to me where you referred to unskilled labor in that post. When I called you on this, you defended your comment by bringing up unskilled labor. How can a general discussion of unskilled labor support your response to this article?

    This is like the other thread where you claimed that I started the argument by attacking you. Unfortunately for you, we do not have to rely on memory. The back and forth was memorialized. You probably went back to the beginning of the thread and noticed that you had insulted liberals first and me personally second without me having insulted you at all. You then disappeared. I bumped the thread a couple of days later asking again. Again you ignored it again. You were posting during that time, but ignored it. You would not man up enough to admit that you were wrong. However, that seems to be a pattern with you.

    I will admit that I was wrong. If what you now write is true, you are not a bigot. You simply sound (read) like one earlier when you attributed the attributes of a group to an individual for which we knew those facts were false.

  • My comment about bleeding heart liberalism in no way generalized that girl. It was a generalization of liberals. Your inadequate reading comprehension is not my problem. And what do you mean IF I am telling the truth? I'm in the damn picture bro. Go back and read my comments in this thread - I backed it all up. It all fits. Like I have time to manufacture that. Time stamps are what they are. Some people on this site know me IRL - or they at least know me in other avenues. They can back up my claims if f'ing photo evidence isn't enough.

    I didn't see your comment on the other thread - and I really don't care about who started it at this point. I've already analyzed and debunked your entire method of "debate". You've been exposed. Any thinking person can see it now. If you're smart, while you'll never admit it, you'll at the least examine how you do things and improve. I try to do so all the time.

    :: drops the mic ::


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    Cry Havoc; and let slip the dogs of war!

  • :: picks mic back up ::

    I will give you credit for backing off your claim, albeit in the face of overwhelming evidence. But, it has to make you wonder, how many other times have you been certain someone was bigot ... and perhaps equally as wrong? Don't answer that. Just reflect on it if you wish. Or don't. I certainly don't expect you to do me any favors.

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    Cry Havoc; and let slip the dogs of war!

  • It is not my reading comprehension. It is your writing skills. If you write "black" and I do not understand that you meant "white" that does not reflect on my reading skills. You quoted the post that has the article and then wrote the comment. Why quote that post if your comment was not in response to that post? To claim it is not in response to that post is ridiculous. If you are being serious, then your comunications skills suck. If you are lying to not have to admit your error, then you are being Phear. Man up and take responsibility for your posts.

    As far as not caring who started the attack, why did you bring it up if you did not care? It is convenient to not care once your bullPhear is exposed. It has just as plain in this thread. You auoted a post and responded to it. Now you are claiming it is my inadequate reading comprehension that lead me to believe that you were responding to that post. How Phear of you. Man up and take responsibility for your posts.

  • You're right. Other people may have acted like bigots to play "gotcha," as you did, and fooled me in the past.

  • ROFL!

    Bro, you're hillarious. It couldn't possibly be that you're a jackass who constantly jumps to the wrong conclusion so you can build your argument on a straw man. No ... what really happened is I am an evil internet genius with no character or morals who set you up perfectly just to embarrass you! That must be it. It couldn't POSSIBLY be your flawed reasoning. I was orchestrating this entire conversation just to set you up! No, you know what? In fact, I MADE YOU call me a bigot. You didn't even have the keyboard in your hands. It was a computer virus. Yeah, that's it ...


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    Cry Havoc; and let slip the dogs of war!