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We as fans should not be tolerating mediocre play

  • I will be as objective as possible in this post:

    This season has been a disappointment to say the least. This was the season we were supposed to be conference champions, make a run for the national championship or at the very least a BCS bowl. We did not achieve any of these objectives. I believe a combination of factors contributed to the disappointing season including lack of leadership, poor play calling, bad coaching, lack of halftime adjustments etc. I am not one to suggest that we should fire a head coach because we did not make it to a national championship, but to not make it to a BCS bowl is a big disappointment this season with all the talent we had and there were not major injuries in most games. I think Monte must go, he has not been a solid coach, does not understand how to combat the different offenses in the Pac-12. I think the person who replaces him should understand how to combat both spread and pro style offenses. I am willing to give Lane one more season, but only because it is important to keep this recruiting class intact and could be a great coach if he changes some things, which might happen over time as he gains experience. My opinion is that if Lane does not get us to a BCS bowl next year, he should be let go. We will have the talent and the schedule is favorable next year, as we do not have to play Oregon or Washington and we get UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, and Utah at home. I understand that we have 10 fewer players, but there has to be a way to make practices physical enough to where the players have enough opportunities for live tackling, but not long enough where injuries could increase. Lastly Lane must get his head out of the play sheet and start coaching more. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

  • nice of you to be willing to give Lane one more season. I hope Lane appreciates it. USC is a football school and everyone in the administration gets that. The football program is a huge business and they will take care of it. They will do it, when and how they think the time is right. I feel terrible for Monte, a man whose resume is bullet's a shame that for whatever reason his scheme or adjustments have not worked. I happen to think that haden and mckay (as well as the university president) are smart guys who will do the right thing. I am as disappointed as the next guy but I think Haden made the right call to bring Kiffin back..I also think Kiffin should be allowed to have any coaches he wants, including his dad. he has to live or die with those decisions however. next year must be better or there need to be consequences. Let Kiffin pick his staff and coach. Then hold him accountable.