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The BCS And USC Have One Thing In Common...

  • Both have one more year of this crap to endure... more year to use Rocket Science to figure out the scholarship limits, deal with depth issues, negative recruiting, and systematic development of its players by practicing the old fashioned way, and allowing a full roster to compete. more year until we can all enjoy a playoff format instead of the current system of biased polls, computers and decimal points.


    Will USC be in a much stronger position at the end of the 2014 season, or will there still be lingering issues which will require more time to fully recover from the sanctions?

    Did the NCAA completely screw up by only having the top 4 teams in the playoff format, instead of the top 10, which are currently factored into the Bowl Championship Series?

    Did they address the fact, that the SEC practically gets an auto-bid to the MNC each year?

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  • If a good USC season in 2013 happens then it'll help the move forward. A good recruiting class this year will help and hopefully in 2014 too. I fear a HC change will set us back.

    I foresee a whole new set of issues coming up with the top 4 teams, how long until a #5 team is not included? But still it should be better than the current system.

    On the SEC, I think it depends on the committee make-up and if they will consider the weak OOC scheduling.

  • Do polls still play any factor in the selection process? Will there be polls? Which polls will die out?
    Who's on the committee to pick the 4 teams? How many members will there be?

    Curious to see how it plays out.

    If we get Bigelow AND Vanderdoes on our D-Line, I don't care what else happens, we WILL be in the discussion for the 4 team playoff in 2014!! It'll feel like 03-04 where our D-Line simply controlled every big game!