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PAC12 helmet 2 helmet flags are out of control

  • The helmet to helmet call is becoming so out of control with pac12 refrees the players are beging for the calls every time they get tackled. How is a defensive player suppose to account for the player with the ball lowering his head before the tackle? How is putting your facemask in the chest of the ballhandler a penalty? I watched 5 minutes of the Alabama game and saw 5 no calls that would have drawn flags in the pac12. I understand the defenseless player but this flag football mentality is a joke.

  • That's because our conference commissioner is a little girl.

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  • i agree, but i will add that i'd like to see some better tackling, not lazy tackles that lead with the wouldn't do that with your helmet off for a reason

  • The rule is simple: no hits above the shoulder pads with the helmet, shoulder pads or forearm.

    Pac 12 enforces the rule.

    Others not so much.

    I favor enforcing the rule.

    Most targeting hits are lazy, no form tackling with no wrapping up.

    Impact is the intent with no concern for actually tackling.

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  • You like many, including PAC 12 officials, don't know the rules. The rule you cited (no contact above the shoulders) is for defenseless players only. And there is a specific definition of defenseless players. Outside of defenseless players, contact above the shoulders is legal, as long as it is notbthe crown of the helmet (spearing).

  • You make a good point and I neglected to clarify targeting for the most part applies to a defenseless player as I have defined on earlier posts before. But, an intent to do injury to a non-defenseless player can also be called targeting.
    From the NCAA guidelines:

    Football student-athletes who target the head and neck area of defenseless players will continue to be penalized for initial contact with a forearm, elbow, shoulder or helmet. A 15-yard penalty is enforced on these violations. In egregious situations, officials may eject the offending player. Last season, five Division I football student-athletes were ejected from games for these violations.
    More emphasis is placed on eliminating hits on defenseless players and blows to the head. No player is permitted to initiate contact and target an opponent with the crown of his helmet, and no player is permitted to initiate contact and target a defenseless opponent above the shoulders.
    Targeting of opponents with intent to injure is strictly prohibited under NCAA rules and will not be tolerated. Any football programs proven to be in violation of these rules will be held accountable according to existing NCAA rules.

    Edit: as a reminder

 Targeting/ Initiating Contact With the Crown of the Helmet (Rule 9-1-3)
    No player shall target and initiate contact against an opponent with the crown (top) of his helmet. When in question, it is a foul. (Rule 9-6.)
    Defenseless Player: Contact to Head or Neck Area (Rule 9-1-4)
    No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, elbow or shoulder. When in question, it is a foul (Rules 2-27-14 and 9-6).
Targeting—taking aim at an opponent with an apparent intent that goes beyond
    making a good football play. 
Crown of the Helmet—the top portion of the helmet. 
Contact to the head or neck area—even if not with the helmet, it still could be a foul.
Defenseless player—a player not in position to defend himself.
    Examples (Rule 2-27-14):
    • Pass receiver or kick receiver concentrating on the ball before or just 
as it arrives.
    • Pass receiver or kick receiver who has just caught the ball and has 
not had time to do something common to the game.
    • Quarterback in the act of passing.
    • Any player who is blind-sided.
    • A player obviously out of the play.
Risk of a foul is high with one or more of these:
    • Launch—a player leaves his feet to contact an opponent by an upward
    and forward thrust of the body, making contact in the head/neck area
    • Leading with forearm, fist, hand or elbow to the head/neck area
    • Lowering the head before initiating contact to the head/neck area of a 
defenseless player 

    These indicate less risk of a foul:
    • Heads-up tackle
    • Wrap-up tackle
    • Don’t lead with your head
    • Don’t go for the head/neck area

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