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Message to the 2013 class

  • Thank you for sticking by your decision to attend USC. We are very grateful that you choose us. You stuck to your commitment and looked at USC not just as a place for football for football, but for strong academics, and networking once finished at USC. You are the best of the best and if anyone else says otherwise, they are full of crap. We are not upset with you guys at all, we are upset with the ones who de-commited at the last minute and left us in the cold. We have your back and fight on!

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  • I'm hoping that they know we have their back. When you're in - you're in. I would even tell Reggie Bush the bus was coming. OJ? Not so much. These new Trojans are going to finish their NFL careers and look back at what associations exist for them and are going to value the USC affiliation as the most important. No doubt. Ask Marcus Allen, Keyshawn Johnson, Matt Leinart, PAT FRICKIN HADEN, and the list goes on. This particular class will be especially remembered because of how outstanding their commitments were and these are the guys that will have the ulitmate exposure. The guys that went for a month of glory on Twitter have sacrificed a lifetime of being a Trojan.

    Fight On!

  • Definitely.

    At the end of the day your character is what tells people the kind of man you are and will be. Making decisions and honoring those decisions is a more imporant attribute than the play on the field. Ultimately that will take you far in football and more importantly life. You build trusting relationships with your teammates and let them know you have their back no matter what and that you say what you mean, mean what you say. The guys who built relationships with our commits and led them to believe a lie have not learned the value of honor and integrity. It will show in their professional and personal lives if they do not learn to change their practices. So again, these guys who stuck, they can be trusted to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Kudos young men, kudos.