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Football team approach to non SoCal weather conditions

  • USC football is a very successful program and has a great track record of preparing players for the NFL, but in terms of preparing to play in not so ideal weather conditions, not so much. Obviously we are spoiled by the weather in SoCal and are not used to playing in humid, rainy, snowy ,or high altitude conditions, but it certainly does not mean that the team should approach it as a daunting challenge. I want to see the team ready to play in not so ideal weather conditions and approach it with a can do attitude. This video interview with Silas Redd talks about how the team approached the bad weather. Any thoughts?

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  • I think the Pac12 features as great a latitudinal and topographical diversity as any conference in college football. USC players live and train at sea level in a Mediterranean climate, but can expect to play away games in 100+ degree desert heat (the Arizonas), freezing cold (The Oregons, the Washingtons, Colorado, and Utah). Colorado and Utah also add the altitude factor.

    Rain,snow or fog can be a factor anywhere, but in the more arid West a bit less likely than for our eastern brethren. So, as mentioned in the interview, extreme humidity (as in the Syracuse game) can be the most unusual condition for our players to deal with.