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Amir Carlisle Has Transferred To Notre Dame

  • Damn good points traveler. There's more than meets the eye here. Kiffin could have easily blocked the transfer, so why not? I think you hit the nail on the head.

  • "No one ever said Lane would be a douche for blocking the transfer. "

    Kobe posted, "Lane Kiffin is an ahole...". Maybe I misinterpret his line of thinking but I believe his point was that ND thinks Kiffin is too much of ahole to allow a transfer to ND. The ND poster posted that he believe Kelly would have blocked an ND play transfer to USC and that would not make him an ahole. I agree with the ND poster on this point. Lane blocking a transfer to ND does not make him an ahole nor a douche.

    " There were plenty of valid reasons not to allow it, so if LK had refused, it would not make him an a-hole."

    Exactly my point.

    " In the short run, will Carlisile help their team ? Yes. Will it make a difference vs USC ? No. He's not that type of difference-maker. We're not talking Marquise Lee here."

    This is a very faulty assumption. Carlisle was argubly second string coming into next year. Kiffin gave him high praise last year on his abilities. He is fast, can catch the ball and put on more muscle on his frame. Did you think Curtis Mcneil was a difference maker after his Frosh and Soph year? He was no Marquis Lee after his soph year. We are not talking about a slow rb that was fifth string like Dillon Baxter. This was no small lost.

    "And the gap between the two schools is too big for one player to make a critical difference."

    The game was much closer than the score indicated last year. A huge fumble made a big difference in the outcome and just two years ago we lost to ND at home. To say there's some huge gap between the two schools is a stretch.

    " Letting Carlisle transfer allows LK to go into every future elite OOS prospect's living room and tell the prospect and his parents that if they are at all concerned with whether the player will like being at SC, LK would never block them from transferring back to their home state school.

    "I let Amir Carlisle transfer to ND, so of course I would never block you from transferring back to your home state school if you get to SC and feel like you're too far from home. Come to SC and if you feel like you're too far from family and old friends after one year, I'll approve any transfer back home for you. Once you become part of the Trojan family you're probably not going to want to leave, but know that you can always go home if you want to."

    That is a huge recruiting pitch to the Tracy Howards and Tyriq Mccords of the world, and will pay tremendous benefits to SC as time goes Bryant they snare some elite OOS difference-makers they otherwise wouldn't have gotten. "

    Another huge stretch. This is like saying, USC landed Lamar Dawson because we allowed Seantrel Henderson to transfer. Seriously? Recruits don't think this way. There are some kids where distance is a major factor and other's where it isn't. USC has always allowed OOS kids to transfer if they're home sick (IE Broderick Green). The belief that allowing Amir to transfer to ND as a recruiting tool is a bit of a joke. If we had allowed Broderick Green to transfer to Notre Dame then we could have landed Tracy Howard. lol, seriously? If Amir wanted be close to home then a transfer to Purdue where his father works makes more sense.

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  • I have not heard of Prater requesting a transfer to ND or being blocked from transfer to ND.

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  • Prater was clear to us that ND and Pac 12 was not an option for him and it was actually posted in an article on another site that was done by Dan Weber I believe.

    Ever hear of the term Paralysis by Analysis.

    Winning the academic award in the SEC is sort of like winning the special olympics. Even if you win, you are still a retard.

  • the score could have also been much worse for notre dame too. It goes both ways.

    And you keep making assumptions about what USCTraveler is saying. This whole transfer thing does not guarantee a commit, but it is something nice that OOS kids can see and their parents can see. Think about it. Which school looks more like an asshole? The school that allows kids to transfer wherever they want without penalty (even to rivals) or the school that blocks every transfer and makes it hell for a kid to go to the school they want?

  • It goes both ways. If what Kobe posted is true that Prater was not allowed to transfer to ND then how does this brilliant "recruiting tool" work now? We will allow you to transfer to ND as long as you carry a 3.6 gpa? Either way, I don't see the brilliance here, no matter how you try to spin it.

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  • Because Carlisle needed ND to be close to his family and personally requested it, Prater didnt.
    Prater also did not qualify for ND due to math classes not being far enough along. You have to be able to take freshman calculus or have already taken it as Carlisle has done.

    Any more questions on this or do you want to continue to split atoms on something you really dont know anything about?

    Winning the academic award in the SEC is sort of like winning the special olympics. Even if you win, you are still a retard.

  • I think you are back tracking a bit. In one post, you posted, "As an example they did not allow Prater to go to ND or any Pac 12 school" and then the next post, "Prater also did not qualify for ND." There's some faulty logic here. Why would you have to block a kid from transferring to a school that he did not request to transfer to nor was qualified to enroll in. The spinning is getting a bit out of control.

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  • Well if a kid can't even qualify to the school he wants to go to how the hell is that USC's problem? USC isn't prepping THEIR students so that they'll all be good to transfer to another school. They allow it, but they're not counting on students doing that. And you don't have to think it's brilliant, but would you rather USC get negative publicity and kids being pissed (like at Kansas) because they don't allow someone to transfer or would you rather the school just move along and let it happen and therefore not get any complaints?

  • I don't understand this post. My point was that Kobe posted that USC blocked Prater from transferring to ND. How does this work now as your brilliant recruiting tool? We allowed one kid to transfer to where he pleases but won't allow another kid to transfer to where he pleases. Hmmmm, lots of faulty logic here.

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  • PRATER DIDN'T WANT TO TRANSFER TO NOTRE DAME. do you understand that Rixxs? geez.

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  • How do you know? According to Kobe, USC did not allow Prater to go to ND or any Pac 12 school.

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  • I am not going to tell you everything I know because of this site's loyalty to the coaching staff and family. I will tell you that USC places that as a standard for all recruits, but Carlisle was a different story and a hardship case in sorts that I will not go into on this board.
    You insist on trying to spin a story that you want to hear. If you dont want to accept what I tell you and accept my track record then I cannot help you.

    Praters story is a standard transfer story whereas Carlisle's was not. Prater told folks that was his transfer policy, but would he have gotten into ND? Well he didnt coming out of high school due to a math class issue.
    It is akin to a kid decommitting or not coming to USC and going somewhere else for different reasons than he says publically. IE-didnt qualify academically so it is easier to save face and decommit publically and give another excuse.

    You probably dont understand the hints I am trying to give you, but my belief is that in reality you are just trying to annoy folks on this board and to pursue this story with which you know nothing about for that purpose only.
    Trust me you have absolutely zero clue on what went on with the Carlisle's and I do. However, you think you do because you heard some rumor somewhere from another hurt Domer fan that lost his place in the moral high ground that you guys so desparately crave and need for existence.

    Winning the academic award in the SEC is sort of like winning the special olympics. Even if you win, you are still a retard.

  • Kobe, I respect you and SS. I am not on some high moral grounds. Quite contrary, I have stated that I am in the boat of not allowing a USC player transferring to ND and if that makes me an ahole so be it. I'm not here to annoy anyone. I do find this nonsense of Amir's tranfer to ND as a brilliant recruiting tool to be ridiculous.

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  • I couldnt tell you if it was planned to be a recruiting tool,but LK is always recruiting. Looking like the Michelin Tire Man up in Oregon was an example of this.
    Carlisle had a unique case that LK knew about. He had aspirations to go to a great school like ND, Stanford or USC. Didnt want to get punished for one half year and have to go to Purdue. Kid is wired differently. He might be more student than football player and that is not meant as an insult.

    I just know what happened and why it happened. That recrutiing tool stuff is not something I am even going to participate in.

    Winning the academic award in the SEC is sort of like winning the special olympics. Even if you win, you are still a retard.