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2013 Improved Players

  • If you could name two players on Offense & D that we need step up BIG TIME, for our team to be a lot more successfull in 2013, who would you say???

    Max Tuerk: played well for a Frosh LT. He will be a Huge key to our sucess in 2013, especially breaking in a new QB its vital #75 protects MAX blindside.

    FB: Pinner or Soma, whoever starts or both if they slpit time. Not only will a good FB go a longs way for our running game, but a safety blanket for Max as a dump off would help a lot. HANDS HANDS HANDS

    Seymour: I remember some saying he was a Woods/Lee type of athlete when we signed him, & although he did not perform like they did as frosh he got his feet wet. He is an ELITE athlete & if he can put it all together he can POTENTIALLY turn into the best CB we have had in a while.

    Dawson: If our D is going to be improved, it has to start with #55. He does not even have to be a dominant LB like.Rey, but as long as he is a solid tackler & in the right position & makes occasional plays, it will go a long ways for USC to get back to having an ELITE D.

    Never good to use the young excuse, but we had so many first/second year players contributing (Tuerk,Walker,Martin,Williams,Agholor,Soma,Pinner,Sarao,Seymour) that another year of them maturing physically our team out & they should be big time players there. We are still SC & have amazing talent, we just gotta coach em up.

  • SdotK

    DJ Morgan as the 2nd rb behind Silas.

    Everyone on the o-line.

  • Audrey "Rozay" Walker-Def had some ups and downs in his first full yr as a starter. even if he moves to guard and learns a new position i expect him to be improved.

    John Martinez - IF he moves to center, it is very important spot and hope he can grasp the position quick. I know he played it in high school and it may be his more natural position.

    The ENTIRE defense-We need to improve on a lot of levels. Too many missed tackles, bad fits, better on 3rd down defense, etc. We just need to improve on several phases on the defensive side of the ball.

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  • Yep.

    There's no way the defense could do worse than they did this year. And the primary problem was the system they were playing in. Big decision with the DC...

    Otherwise, I definitely agree, whoever the FB is needs to step up.

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  • Defense:
    Dawson - hands down the worst player on the starting roster on either side of the ball. He's constantly out of position and he really needs to work on his pass coverage ability. Having a MLB that plays up to the 55 legacy would solidify our defense more than at any other position. The MLB is supposed to be the unquestioned leader of the defense that everyone else rallies behind. That's hard to do when you play worse than anyone else out there.

    Uko - This may come as a surprise, but we NEED to be able to stop the run. We need a dominant DT inside that is a run stopper and plugs those rushing lanes so that teams like Oregon, Arizona, UCLA, etc don't consistently have their RBs get into the second level untouched. Uko will be going into his fourth year in the program and thus far has had a very quiet career at USC. We need Uko to live up to his recruiting hype as one of the top 5 DT's in the country. If he ever gets to that level it's going to help us tremendously. If Uko can't do it maybe Vanderdoes or Bigelow can?

    Quick mention - FS (Bowman/Wright/Cravens?) - Someone needs to step up and replace TJ. Although, he had a bit of a drop off this year, we've been spoiled having a 3 year starter back there who plays very consistently and who wasn't out of position that much. Go back to 2010 and a safety that's out of position equals easy touchdowns for opposing QBs.

    Wittek - This is the easy answer. The offense revolves around the QB. QB and center are the only two positions that touch the ball on every single play. I guarantee our record next year will reflect just how well Wittek plays.

    Martinez - Same principle. The center is the other guy that touches the ball most often. That and I think at times Martinez arguably played as poorly as anyone else, including Walker, on the o-line last year. The Stanford game indicated just how important it is to have a competent center. Every offense needs a consistent guy at center because they're the leader of the o-line, even more so when you're breaking in a new QB.

    Quick mention - LT (Walker/Tuerk/Banner?) - Another easy pick. We can't have any free shots on the QB like the one against UCLA. The last thing we need is a season-ending injury to Wittek because a blitzing LB came untouched off the corner and had a free shot on him.

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