Young USC Players To Watch In 2013


Nelson Agholor could end up being as electrifying as Marqise Lee

This is for the guys who are returning and have a chance to have a greater role in the offense.

1. Max Wittek-quarterback- duh. Need we say more. Kid has Carson Palmer tools, lets see if we can get that performance. Max is a legit 6 4 245 pounds and runs a 4.6 with an absolute cannon for an arm. HE will surprise people with his speed and mobility. Will have to step up as he is the future. For those that dont like Matt(idiots they are), Matt coming back enabled this kid to get another year in the program. The best time for a player at a key position to play in in their third year in the program. Max knows the playbook and Kiffin has a good track record coaching quarterbacks. This is one kid that Kiffin will own his results. Take that whatever way you want it.

2. Nelson Agholor-Will be the number two WR at USC and will bring an added dimension. Not to slight Robert as he is a first round pick, but with Nelson USC will have the best WR core again in the nation but will also have two starters that can run after the catch. He is not looking to fall down after he gets it as many WR do. Tough to say when we lose a first round pick, but our WR will be even better next year in my opinion. I know Rich is gonna throw up when I say this, but I think we see more of the bubble screen which him and I both hate. I do like the quick throw to the side and let these two WR just work in space for a guaranteed 6 yards or even 80.

3. Jordan Simmons-6 5 350 pounds. Needs to drop a bit of weight but as my friend Gabe can attest after seeing him in person he is just massive. We need to get bigger and more physical on the oline and this kid if he wasnt injured this year wasnt going to redshirt. Can even play right tackle. Look out Kevin Graf.

4. Max Tuerk-He is at 285 right now. If he gets to 300 pounds then he will be a great left tackle. and I think he will. BTW-props to SS who was saying all last year that this kid was as good as anyone on the west coast and would not redshirt. Special props to scout Lanny Julias who said Max was the best freshmen in our class and he viewed him as a 6 star player.

5. Greg Townshend-versatile, athletic, and quick. Can play inside or outside. If he brings it every play he can be a very good dlineman. Great decision to redshirt him. Third year is when he should shine.

6. Aundrey Walker-if this kid can play guard with Martinez playing center he will be great. If you watch his games he is not a good otackle yet. BTW-he is not a bad one either. But when we have asked him to drive block and maul the guy in front of him, Walker shines. He is a true road grader and has long arms which help even more. He wont win any awards cause the media doesnt work this way, but if we get this kid to guard and allow him to move forward he just envelopes the guy. I have visions of Walker and Simmons on the right side of the line and blocking out the sun. It could happen and if it does I think USC becomes special in the runninggame.

Note -Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler are both two year projects. If one could step up great, but Zach has enormous potential. Tall kids can go either way though. Brilliant job redshirting all these olinemen by LK.

Max Tuerk has played solidly at left tackle during his true freshman season

7. Tre Madden-if healthy a beast. 225-230 pound running back with great lower body strength who runs a legit 4.5 when healthy. This was USC's discovery and would have been the big pounding back we needed. Say what you want abotu Lane Kiffin but he has a great knack for spotting and evaluation of talent.

8. Kevon Seymour-the spot is open. The kid is fast, long armed, and has great hips. It is his for the taking. He has a future as a lockdown corner. It is up to him and a DC who will let him be that type of corner.

Yep there are other kids such as Farmer, Thomas, Heyward, and Sarao that I like as well, but I thought those were the potential impact existing players for next year.

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