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Kiffin reviews Arizona game

Opening Statement: “Okay, obviously a very discouraging loss today, coming on the road, trying to finish up are road trips, and we weren’t able to get it done today. I don’t think it was about effort. I thought our players played with great effort, but our mistakes caught up with us. You can’t turn the ball over like we did today. I think we turned it over five times today and only got one back, including a double turnovers that really gave it right back to them. If you go minus four, then we had the penalty issue again today. Both teams seemed too, but they hurt a lot. Two personal fouls on the first two series. I think they went three and out to start the game and we let them in. A, potentially, fourteen point turn around with those two personal fouls. Again I thought there was some great effort out there by the guys. That’s a really good team out there with a really good quarterback, they put up yards that against almost everyone they played. Unfortunately, we made too many mistakes today to win, is really what happened.”

Marqise Lee: “I’ve only seen two skills guys like this probably ever. Number five and number nine. It’s unbelievable. To see a guy like guy be that at half time so he missed the first play of the second half. He’s in there like he lost the super bowl right now. Sixteen catches for 345 yards. I’ve only seen two players play like that. It’s unbelievable and he’s only halfway through his second year. I don’t know how you could do more than he does.”

Early turnovers: “Well, at the time they were obviously discouraging, but we were able to overcome them as far as the score board. We had the lead. I thought that we were going to put it away on the double move to Robert that we just missed him on. It was going to be a seventy or eighty yard touchdown there, really thought that was going to be a key to the game, number two and number nine outside. I thought we were going to get back, go up, and run away with it. Unfortunately, we didn’t, we gave them too many chances. Then, we were playing really well on offense, but we sputtered a bit in the third quarter, and then got it back in the end.”

Thinking behind play calling at the end: “When were down by two scores with six minutes left, I really thought we were going to win the game. I felt at that point, if we didn’t screw it up, if we got in up tempo, they weren’t going to stop us. Fortunately, we got the big kickoff return, put it right in, got it back, and we weren’t able to finish it off. We got close to midfield there and ran out of time.”

Feelings on the national title hopes being dashed: “I don’t even think that way. I’ve said to you guys all along that every week’s important. We don’t look ahead to that, because as you see now, it doesn’t matter. It’s about preparing every week and playing really well, and unfortunately we didn’t finish it off today.”

Did Marqise Lee get tired in the third: “Well he had IV’d at half, I don’t think he was really tired. Obviously changed a bit in the third quarter. The guy probably set a first half world record for yardage. They’re going to do something. On third down they changed a little bit, that felt like it was going to open up our run game and at times it did there. We went a little bit more to number two there, and then came back to him towards the end.”

Did the IV force Marqise to come out at the half late: “Yes...”

26-0 run: “No, probably not. I would imagine that team would be able to score like they did. They’re a great offense and they’ve scored a lot of points, over fifty in a bunch of games, but I was surprised. We kept screwing up. We screwed up in the third quarter, with red zone turnovers, we weren’t able to punch in, and they stopped us on a fourth down in the red zone too.”

Last play: “I really thought number nine was going to catch it. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all, thinking about everything else that happened today, but unfortunately, we didn’t come up with the play. But it shouldn’t have come down to that.”

Using the run game to try to win the game: “...I did feel like we had to mix it up some, like we couldn’t throw it seventy times, so we had to mix in some runs there in the third quarter.”

Curbing penalties: “I’m open for any suggestions, I’ve tried it all.”

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