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Kiffin Meets With The Media (8/7)

Los Angeles (Calif.) Lane Kiffin, as he does after every practice, met with the media after USC's second fall practice.

Despite USC only practicing twice this fall,Kiffin had plenty to talk about Tuesday night.

Click on the link to watch the video of his post-practice presser or read the transcript we've provided.

Link meets with the media (8/7)

Transcript of what Kiffin said when he met with the media Tuesday night:

“Okay, I thought no big surprises in day two. Kind of the usual, the frontline guys continue to go on and you see the young guys struggle. New guy struggle in general which is very normal as you had another day of install and they started to get tired so, no real big stories today other than just a normal day two.”

on George Farmer’s ability to stay healthy and contribute: “It is what it is. He hasn’t been able to do it yet since he’s been here, unfortunately. Not of his fault, it’s just hard to develop guys its hard to figure out how they can help you when they can’t stay healthy very long.”

on the tailbacks: “I think it’s similar to yesterday. I think that all four looked good. I think DJ Morgan looks improved, I think DJ Morgan has handled it really well. It’s kind of easy on Curtis, you have another guy there and Curtis is a returning 1,000 yard rusher. I’m sure DJ hears from a lot of people that he’s the odd man out, which is not the case, so it’s good to see the way he’s responded. I think Buck Allen looks a lot different than he did in the spring, which I think is probably the common theme of second year players. They’ve had a full year and they look a lot different than they did in the spring.”

on if Robert Woods was out there more: “Not a lot, really, just 15 more minutes than he did yesterday, so we just keep pushing.”

on Andre Heidari’s body and dedication: “That, once again, happens a lot with second year players. Aundrey Walker for example. Andre Heidari is another example. It’s really good to see because it helps him. You can see how strong he is, he looks completely different body wise. We take it for granted how good he is, really, for such a god kicker.”

on the left tackle flashing and being offside: “Aundrey had a lot of false starts yesterday, not as many today. He had one in the run through. After he had that one we told him that the whole team is going to run if you have another run and he didn’t, so that was good to see. But he does flash, guy that’s 300 pounds, runs and moves like that but there’s a lot more than just moving. you have to be very consistent, especially at that spot.”

status on academic ineligible player: “Same status. I wouldn’t think that you’d get an update until summer grades are posted.”

on when the grades are posted: “They’re in different classes, so I think anywhere from one to two weeks.”

on Junior Pomee: “Yeah we definitely do. Junior has a tremendous upside, another second year player that looks a lot different, but he missed so much time, he’s kind of a semester behind than some of the other guys. I think that at some point he’s going to be really good. Whether that’s next month, or three years from now, i don’t know that. It’s going to be up to Junior.”

on Christian Thomas: “He’s going to be a tight end that can really run. kind of like george, that was brought up earlier, we have not seen a lot of him due to injuries in his first two years.”

On Soma Vainuku: “Another example of the same thing. second year guy. really has developed. looks a lot better than he did in the spring i think a lot of the excitement isn’t necessarily the front line guys that we all know about, theres a lot of excitement about continued development of these younger guys now that they’re coming into they’re second and third year of the program.”

on what Soma brings to the offense: “he’s bigger than the guys that we’ve had and he’s faster. he’s actually faster than most of our tailbacks at 24o some pounds. He’s a very special athlete and he’s still young, so i think that at some point he’s going to be really good, but i don’t know when that is.”

on whether end or tackle is more of a concern: “It’s both. There’s a lot of concern. Two defensive linemen, George and Wes, are playing at a really high level right now, and the rest of it is just flashes. There’s not much experience, so it’s going to be wide open and that’ll be a very important story over the next couple of weeks.”

on whether the three technique spot is easier to learn than defensive end: “It depends on the system. We play right and left defensive end, so it’d probably be a little easier to play defensive end, but Leonard’s getting so big that he’s just growing into the spot. Three technique you have to play both sides.”

on who he voted number one in the coaches poll: “I can’t discuss that.”

reaction to Rich Rodriguez voting USC number one: “I would not vote USC number one, I could tell you that.”

on why he decided to participate in the coaches poll: “They randomly select you and they had selected me before, but they canceled it out because we where on probation, so they didn’t let us vote.”

on whether it was a positive of probation: “Yes it was. I’m just glad that it’s not public so Scott can’t question me every week. The last one’s public though.”

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