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Kiffin believes the Ducks are #1

Opening statement: “Wednesday’s practice, I thought it was a really good practice, very spirited, very up tempo, came back from yesterday’s practice, came in this morning. I thought they prepared really well and had a good day.”

Have bad practices happened this season: “Sure, we have bad areas of practice, I would say, and then obviously we would try to rally from that and practice strong.”

Silas Redd’s carries potentially become more spread out: “Sure, yeah. We gave D.J. the ball and he fumbled too. Unfortunately all three guys have fumbled the ball and it’s hard to bench a guy for another guy when he comes in and fumbles as well.”

In each of the past two seasons, seven Pac 12 teams have been ranked 103rd or worse in penalty yards and only one Pac 12 team has been ranked in the top 50 nationally. His reaction to that statistic: “Those type of numbers have to point to officials calling games tighter in our conference. That doesn’t mean it’s bad or good, it is what it is. In a number of our games when we’ve had a lot of penalties, our opponent has too. So, it is what it is.”

Torin vs. Josh: “I think guys have played up and down. You have to give Josh credit, he hasn’t been there very long, but I think for the circumstances, Josh has done well.”

Left tackle: “No, we feel really confident in both guys, as we talked about. Matt played really well last week. This would be more of a test, this week. With their ability to rush with their two ends, especially with Jordan on third down. Whoever it is they’ll be tested a lot more than they have been the last two weeks.”

If Oregon's changed what they’ve done at tailback:“I don’t think there’s any difference from the running back position. De’Anthony still gets his touches in different ways. If you go back to our game last year, Kenjon hurt us more than LaMichael did, and definitely more than De’Anthony did. I think DeAnthony had about two yards a carry or something like that. Kenjon’s done really well stepping in and taking those carries...”

How Mariota differs from Thomas: “He’s faster, he’s more elusive when a play breaks down, it’s pretty amazing. Usually you have to replace a guy who leaves early and you have some fall off, but they’ve actually improved.”

Fast paced practice: “Well, I think anytime you play up tempo teams, you try to create practice that way, as we’ve done the last two weeks. We do that in general, we don’t wait until we play those type of teams, so that hopefully it resembles the game as much as we can.”

If they can respond emotionally: “They don’t have a choice. We’ll get blown out of the stadium if we don’t. This is the best team in the country coming in, one that has blown everybody out by halftime. Look no further than their first half scoring. I can’t imagine there’s another team that has done anything close to what they’ve done in the first half. We have to be ready and I think our players are.”

Thought process behind putting Matt under center in the two minute offense: “We’ve done both here before. Last year was the first time we did shotgun stuff in no huddle situations. For years it was always under center. It does give you a faster communication process and the ability to change plays easier, especially on the road.”

Does anyone specifically have to step up to slow down Oregon’s offense: “Well, I think it’ll be just like it was last year. You’re going to have to make those tackles in space. We did a really good job in three quarters last year of doing that. We saw a lot of plays get out on the perimeter and our outside backers and our DB’s made a lot of really good tackles in that game...”

Sack improvement: “Obviously, if you look back to last week, there weren’t any explosive plays on defense, no sacks, the only turnover we gave right back to them. That’s not very good if they run ninety plays, so, we need to make those critical plays. We had opportunities. The guy threw us the ball three other times besides the interception. As you go back and study Arizona, he has done that in a lot of their games. In the Oregon game, they made the plays when they where their and the game got lopsided. We have to make those plays when we have opportunities.”

Are some of these offense set up to stop the pass rush: “Well, I think that if you look at the totals over the years... They try to get rid of the ball really quick, not a lot of play action, the ball’s out on the perimeter, so it is harder to sack them. Bigger splits on the line. Even if you’re not sacking them, you need to get their to create errant throws.”

Persuading them to walk away: “Yeah, we spend a lot of time on it. It’s not a street fight, it’s a game, and there’s rules in it. A lot of them have the mentality to protect their brother. Unfortunately, that’s cost us in a lot of these situations. We retaliate off of something that happened to someone else, and like what usually happens in football, the second person gets caught.”

Does he believe that Oregon’s defense is elite: “I do. I think it get’s lost in the numbers as you’ve heard me say before. I think one of the most important stat is average yard per play. Some defenses get put out there a lot more than others, and their’s does because they score so fast. You start looking at average per play and they’re one of the better one’s in the country. If they had a slower tempo’d offense, you’d see a lot better stats”

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