Kiffin Reveals USC's Team Captains

Team captains: “The players did vote for captains. They voted for Matt Barkley, Khaled Holmes, T.J. McDonald, and Nickell Robey. Those will be your captains for the upcoming season. I though it was pretty neat to add Khaled and Nickell in there to the two returning captains. I think it’s a very good group that leads extremely well. They had a lot of votes for a reason”

Scrimmage: “I thought that they did a really good job for the most part on substitution, from offense to defense to special teams. I thought they did a really good job for the most part at lining up, in all three phases of the game. I was very pleased with how it went. I was very pleased with how the skill guys on offense clicked together and got in sync. So, I thought it was very productive and we stayed healthy.”

More on Pomee: “Yeah it’s extremely inconsistent. Up and down, he’s been that way since he’s been here. He’s got a lot of work to do and we have a lot of work to do with him for him to be a really good player.”

On if anyone else flashes w/o knowing where to line up etc.: “We have an extremely high percentage of the team that’s really maximizing what they can do. They know their stuff and they’re very mature. We had a lot of guys before that where trying to get turned over onto the consistency side. We don’t have a lot of those guys now.”

When Brian and Marquise could play: “Brian could. Marquise has another two days of just shoulder pads.”

Max and Cody: “I thought they played really well. They handled things well in the huddle. Regardless of who you’re going against, you still have to perform, so it was really good to see, and they both did a really good job.”

Wheeler at DE: “Chad Wheeler did have a sack. They where running out of numbers over there, so we flopped him on the other side. That’s nothing permanent.”

DT depth: “There's no magic formula. There's no free agency. So we just have to figure it out.”

Jeff Miller at DT: “It’s just a situational thing with the numbers.”

When camp ends and the season starts: “Obviously camp gets long at times. This is really the time to go. This is real ball now. The college football season for us starts tomorrow.”

If sloppy scrimmage led to this walk through: “Well, I think today was needed, period. It was needed because of the substitutions, getting everybody on the same sideline. The format before where offense and defense on different sidelines. You can’t get a feel for the special teams the way the games go and the communication.”

less redshirts? “No doubt. Definitely. I don’t think as many guys will redshirt at all.”

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