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Kiffin Meets With The Media (9/5)

Lane Kiffin Met with the media after USC's 9/5/12 practice:

Opening statement: “Syracuse Wednesday today, there was a lot of work out here, up and down day. I thought the defense came out and played a lot better than yesterday until the end, so we’ll go back, look at the film, and there’s a lot of work to do.”

Is the pressure on the defense?: “Yeah, we have to play big, especially are secondary. This is really a big test for our guys. Last week we weren't tested very much and we have to better.”

What needs to be worked on specifically?: “Well, we’re in the middle of the week. We still have a lot of work to do. We where sloppy at times today and like I said, they’re going to present a big challenge to us. On defense, like I mentioned, they look really fast to me and they’re getting healthier. On offense, their quarterback looks great.”

Different mindset on defense for basketball on grass: “It’s our job to change that. It’s our job to get a good pass rush going to cover them up and make them more balanced. You never know, every week changes. Just because someone threw the ball a million times one week doesn’t mean they will the next week.”

Getting pressure on the quarterback: “It is hard. They’re in the shot gun all the time, they get rid of the ball very quickly, you see teams getting guys free and they still get the ball off, so we’re going to have to have a really good plan and execute well because they can hold on to the ball.”

D.J. Morgan confirmation on him having knee surgery: “That’s true.”

Is it the same knee as he injured in high school?: “I’m not sure.”

Preparing for isolation without physical practices: “They get their guys in space a lot with their receivers, their tight end played very well and I thought their big back played well too. We’re going to have to tackle really well.”

What he wants from the defensive line: “To take the next step. Like we mentioned, they played really well in that game. We alternate a lot of guys and we’re going to need them to play really well in this game, all of them, especially the young guys.”

Are the injured guys expected to play this week: “I hope so.”

Can Craig McMahon kick extra points: “I don’t know. We’re going to have to find out.”

If Torin Harris and Lamar Dawson came back, what would they bring to the table: “I think they where both playing very well last year when they played. We where excited about both of them. Hopefully, they come back. They would be big keys to our defense and our rotation too.”

Silas Redd importance since D.J. was out: “It goes back to how important Silas was and we’re sure happy to have him.”

Bigger test because of tempo: “Anytime you play the no huddle, it forces you to be out there a lot. That’s up to our defense, if we can get off the field on third down, then we’re not out there as much and we don’t have to play a lot of snaps.”

Why is the team so mature about other people getting more yards and carries?: “I’ve mentioned that this team is really unselfish. I think that’s the biggest test. It's easy to do in camp, but when you don’t get many touches where you at how do you react? I thought they where great, especially Curtis in that situation, He’s someone, who years ago, maybe wouldn’t have been that way, I talked to him after the game about how well he handled himself.”

Is he expecting Syracuse to throw the ball everywhere or to run more: “There’s no way to know. If you have that much success throwing it sixty times, they might throw it sixty times, but we don’t know. It’s our job to stop whatever they do.”

Update on Darreus Rogers: “No.”

Kiffin's impression ofHayes Pullard: “He’s played really well, especially playing a position that he hasn’t played before in a game. He just had a great camp, and practices great. He’s always first guy in there and the last to leave, so he’s doing a great job.”

Motivation to bring Simione Vehikite back: “One of the parts of our job is to work with kids who make mistakes and give them second chances. I’m glad we where able to do that. He’s paid a big price, missed a lot of stuff, and he’s very embarrassed. I’m glad we could give him this chance and hopefully he proves us right.”

Thoughts on possibly suspending him a game or two: “Well, he was suspended from the program for a long time. He didn’t play anyway, so you could consider that being suspended...”

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