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Arik Armstead is a national recruit

DE/OL Arik Armstead (6-8, 280) from Pleasant Grove High in Elk Grove Calif., is 247Sports’ No. 1 ranked prospect in the nation, and despite his commitment to USC, he’s still receiving a lot of interest from the top schools from around the country.

“Utah, Colorado, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Coach Clay (Helton) came by today,” said Armstead. “Most of the schools stopping by I haven’t talked to on a regular basis, but a lot of them I talk to on Facebook on a limited basis. I definitely talk to USC the most and even though I’ve been committed for a while, they are recruiting me the best. They have been on me hard and even recruiting my parents. They sent 15 pieces of mail to my house and five were for me, five were for my mom and five were for my dad. That just shows what a key piece I am to their program. It definitely says a lot about how serious they are about me. They are not taking my commitment for granted.”

And Armstead has plans to enroll early at USC in January and he’s in the stages of working that plan out, with the help of Coach Helton.
“I have a couple of summer school classes I can take and after the next football season, I’m going to decide if I want to come in early or not,” said Armstead. “If I do come in early I’ll hopefully make a run at starting early or being as much of a help as can.”

Most, if not all, of the recruiting services have rated Armstead as an offensive tackle, we asked him if that irritates him?

“It doesn’t bother me at all because I can be a very good player on offense as well, but defense is what I want to do and I’m more passionate about it,” said Armstead. “Some people tell me I can play offense, some people tell me I can play defense, but SC wants me to play on defense and Coach O (Ed Orgeron) is going to turn me into an excellent defensive lineman.”
Armstead is ranked as the No. 1 overall prospect by 247Sports and another network, but somewhat dissed by another.

“I am humbled by the ranking two networks have given me, but I can’t get complacent, Armstead said. “I’ve got to keep working hard, keep reaching my goals and I can reach those regardless where I am ranked.”

One of Armstead’s goals is to play football and basketball at USC. He plays on a very competitive AAU team from southern California, the Compton All-Stars, and taking summer school courses could potentially interfere with that schedule.

“I would have to arrange my schedule for summer school if I had taken the classes at JC, but I was pretty adamant that the classes I took would be online,” Armstead said. “I can still do what I sports wise and still take classes this summer. I don’t know where I’ll be taking the classes from, but Coach Clay (Helton) was my counselor for about an hour, will settle everything for me and tell me what I have to do. And I need a lot of help.”

There are numerous schools planning on stopping by Pleasant Grove in the next week or so with all of the Pac-12 schools planning on visiting, except Oregon, Alabama will be visiting, Auburn, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame Miami and countless other schools will continue to pursue out No. 12 ranked recruit in the nation.

FightOn247 will have the latest updates on Armstead’s recruitment throughout the process.

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